Astrum Blue / QUANTUM

This is an environmentally friendly solution in solid tyres.

Astrum Blue and Quantum solid tyres provide the reliability of a new forklift tyre with the cost saving of a green product. Used solid tyre cores recycled by remolded with abrasion resistant rubber tread and robust sidewalls to create a new super elastic tyre! It is a viable solution for both economical and environment benefits.

Astrum Blue solid tires offer all the benefits of a solid industrial tyre in super elastic construction, excellent for tough applications with a high risk of impact and cut damage.


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National level Merit AwardGold Award Winner
NCE Export Awards 2011

ISO 9001 - 2000

MGMT System


Official sponsor of FIFA world cup 2014

Astrum Blue
Economical, Environmentally Friendly,
Excellent for tough applications.

Extra side wall protections

Solution by Cetatti

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