Terminal Trailer

The Continental Terminal Trailer features a slick tread and solid shoulder, making it ideal for use on dry, even surfaces. 

With its smooth profile, the Terminal Trailer offers maximum driving comfort with minimal vibrations. The even tread also ensures maximum resistance to chipping and chunking. Additionally, it offers extremely high levels of dry traction due to full contact between the tire and road. The tire’s closed shoulder areas minimize the risk of tread edge damage. Moreover, user benefits in increased in the long term thanks to the tyre’s low rolling resistance and high mileage performance.

The Continental Terminal Trailer is therefore ideal for applications where low energy consumption, high levels of comfort, and protection against tread edge damage are required. 

The Terminal Trailer is available in selected sizes and also as a non-marking (clean) tyre.


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National level Merit AwardGold Award Winner
NCE Export Awards 2011

ISO 9001 - 2000

MGMT System


Official sponsor of FIFA world cup 2014

Astrum Blue
Economical, Environmentally Friendly,
Excellent for tough applications.

Extra side wall protections

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