Press On Bands

A Press-on-Band tyre is made of rubber tread bonded to a mild steel band which is pressed as an interference fit onto a wheel. The steel band is a mild steel strip which is rolled and welded. Adhesion between the steel band and the rubber is achieved by applying two specially formulated bonding agents after the metal has been degreased and shot-blasted. Tyres are available in either black rubber or non-marking varieties (for clean environments). 


Clean/Non Mark

o Non marking tyres are special compound products yielding high demand driven by growth in the food and pharmaceutical industries and their increasing need for “clean” warehouse environments. The sidewall and tread compounds eliminate black driving marks as well as delivering excellent tyre performance.


The steel band of used POB tyres is recovered through the separation of the rubber compound, which is achieved through an advanced technological method of heat transmission. The recovered steel bands are then used for rebuilding of retreated POB tyres.

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Astrum Blue
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Excellent for tough applications.

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