Health & Safety

Eu-Retec recognises and is committed under Victorian legislation to provide and maintain a safe, healthy and comfortable work environment for its staff, consumers and other visitors.

Eu-Retec believes that a well-managed health and safety program is an integral part of good management practice.

The Eu-Retec has a comprehensive OH & S Policy. Staff have an obligation to ensure that they are thoroughly familiar with its content. It is strongly suggested that the policy be carefully read and understood.

Further, Eu-Retec has a commitment to providing training on a yearly basis for all staff in safe work practices.

All team mangers will be trained in the principles of OH & S management together with the appropriate hazard controls that are relevant to their area.

Such training and information will include:

- A legislative overview relevant to the workplace (including employer responsibility).
- Consultative processes and issue resolution.
- Hazard identification, risk assessment and risk control.
- Incident and accident investigation.

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